Monday, August 3, 2015

Keeping Your Cell Phone Safe from Security Threats!

I was reading an email sent to us from Keller Williams corporate regarding Phishing Scams and thought that I should share this information.  According to the email:

To avoid phishing scams:

  • Never reply to email asking for personal information
  • Only divulge personal information when you initiate the service call
  • If you receive a request to wire money, pick up the phone and talk with someone to validate
  • When in doubt, do not click a link (Open a separate web browser and log directly into your official account - not via a link)
  • Download some smartphone apps to keep mobile transactions safe

The email also contained a link to those particular smartphone apps as follows:

In the technological age we are in, there is no telling what people will do to try to gain your personal information!  Keep yourself and your information safe!!